Lady Gaga Dog Miss Asia

Lady Gaga’s dog stars in new Coach campaign

Lady Gaga’s pooch Miss Asia Kinney has been chosen to launch luxury retail brand Coach’s latest ad campaign.

dog in restaurant

Doggy dining: eateries that welcome your furry friends

Foodies can now take their four-legged friends out to dinner at Paulsborn, a gourmet German restaurant located on the outskirts of Berlin.

Soviet space suit for dog

This Soviet space suit for dogs costs €8,000

A genuine 1950s spacesuit will be up for auction in Berlin on September 13 and is expected to fetch around €8,000 ($10,500).

British Airways Paws And Relax

British Airways launches cute animals TV channel

Nervous fliers are being encouraged to watch Paws and Relax – a new channel showing calming footage of dogs and cats.

Celestis Pets

Give space burial to your dead pets!

You’ll soon be able to blast your dead pet into the cosmos after a space burial company launched the new service.

Kleopatra and Fa-Raon

Persian cat becomes newest recruit of Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris’ resident white male Burmese cat welcomes a female friend to the luxury hotel.

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