The Newton by Nixon

The Newton watch, from Nixon, is presumably named after Sir Isaac himself, with it’s dots in planetary orbit depicting the time. The Newton seems to take its inspiration from contemporary art and minimalism with a rotating dot mechanic that replaces the minute and hour hands. $100.


Rare comic that launched Superman to be auctioned

A very rare version of Action Comics issue #1, known famously as the issue that launched Superman, is up for auction and is expected to fetch a bidding price of $400,000. The particular issue up for auction is an “unrestored” version of the comic and is worth considerably more than the remaining Action Comics #1 [...]


Villa Röling by Paul de Ruiter

Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter designed Villa Röling, a waterfront home in the town of Kudelstaart, Netherlands. “The clients of villa Röling are passionate art collectors. They love to be surrounded by works of art. Therefore their main wish regarding their new dwelling was that it would do greatest justice to their collection of paintings [...]


Swarovski Crystal and 24k Gold Plated Bike

We have seen many unique items that fall in the world’s most expensive products category. Here is another item that has joined this list. This limited edition 24 carat gold plated bike with Swarovski Crystals is the world’s most expensive. Created by Aurumania, the 600 crystals are hand set on the completely hand built bicycle. [...]


Pinel & Pinel Krug Picnic Trunk

If you’re tired of lugging your caviar and Krug around in a run-of-the mill basket, this is the trunk for you. An exercise in indulgence wrapped in brown colthide leather, this nifty piece, made by Parisian trunk makers Pinel & Pinel, has 10 drawers filled with the necessary accoutrements for a gourmet picnic The front [...]


Audi Shark, flying concept vehicle

The Audi Shark is a futuristic flying concept vehicle designed by Kazim Doku. It placed first in the Desire Design Competition launched in 2008 by Italian Domus Academy. Futuristic and streamlined design come from motorcycles and airplanes and gives the car an appealing and underwater look, especially for the rear lower spoiler that justifies its [...]

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