Museum Plaza / REX

Museum Plaza rethinks conventional attitudes towards property development. It begins with a vision to construct a contemporary art institute and concludes with a business pro forma that supports this commitment. Culture is placed physically and spiritually at the project’s center. But REX, and the following video, explain it better:


Yacht Designs Up For Auction

Ten unique yacht designs created by famed luxury yacht designer Tom Fexas, who died in 2006, will be sold at auction. These copyrighted designs will offer an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of boating history and craft a yacht from a choice of 10 individual Fexas designs never seen before. The designs include the [...]


Finkeldei crystallized furniture collection

Finkeldei is presenting a wide selection of new models of upholstered furniture with Swarovski crystals. We have earlier also reported on their Crystal Edition collection. And continuing with the tradition of luxury, the German luxury manufacturer now offers more than 50 models with sparkling crystals to its 2009 collection. Aside from upholstered furniture the collection [...]


World’s Most Expensive Suit

Scotland-based fabric weaver and cloth merchant Holland & Sherry has woven the world’s first 100 per cent worsted spun Vicuna fabric, the most luxurious and expensive in the world at over $4,000 per yard. It took H&S five years to gather enough of the special yarn, and another year and a half to develop the [...]


Pierre Herme collaborate with lipton

Access to French macarons is not readily available if you live in the US for the most part. However if you are lucky enough to live in Japan, things are different. Not only are French macarons shops on almost every corner But also there is a ton of macaron toys and souvenirs to be had! [...]


Beckhams Borrow Clooney’s Lake Como Villa

David Beckham is borrowing George Clooney’s Italian mansion ‘to unwind’ as the transfer battle to secure his footballing talents continues. A source in Italy had reportedly told Hello! Magazine that “George has really taken David under his wing since the transfer trouble started. At the house, David is able to get away from everything, relax [...]

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