Atreides Luxury Yacht With Retractable Pool

The Atreides Luxury Yacht, designed by Serbian designer Vuk Dragovic, has a retractable pool to safely enjoy water sports while boating. The concept is not new and most luxury yachts have some sort of pool that can be thrown into the Ocean so you can enjoy the water without being eaten. However this design brings [...]


Jetlev Flyer – Watered Powered Jet Pack

The Jetlev Flyer is a personal flying machine with an engine that drives two jet streams of water to achieve stable and controlled flight. A standard water powered jet pack can reach an altitude of 10m, top speed of 65km/h and has a cruising duration of 1 – 2 hours This amazing new machine was [...]


Tanzaru Limited Edition Nespresso Coffee

Nestlé Nespresso has introduced the variety Tanzaru Limited Edition 2010. Tanzaru Limited Edition 2010 features the flavors of Tanzanian Arabic coffees and the delicate and balanced taste of Peruvian Arabic coffees. The coffee has bright citrus notes alongside a slight tartness of green tones adding unlimited freshness to the rich espresso. Also for Tanzaru lineup, [...]


Hermes Launches Fine Jewelry

French luxury goods firm Hermes has announced that it will be launching a collection of fine jewelry with accessories designer Pierre Hardy. The 14 piece collection of “haute bijouterie” was inspired by the shape of a horse’s hoof to keep with the fashion house’s equestrian roots. Prices range from $23,675 for a pair of rose [...]

Karl lagerfeld coca cola light bottles

Karl Lagerfeld X Coca-Cola Light Ad Campaign

Not only has Karl Lagerfeld designed the latest Coca-Cola Light bottle but he has also shot the ad campaign. The campaign features Coco Rocha and Baptiste Giabiconi sipping/holding the limited edition aluminum bottle that he designed. According to WWD – “Lagerfeld has long been a fan of diet cola, and says he prefers to drink [...]


Fairmont Home to Canine Ambassadors

Hotels are always claiming they offer all the comforts of home — and a little bit more besides. But the people at Fairmont Hotels &Resorts have been taking things a step further by introducing “Canine Ambassadors” at select establishments around the world. If you miss the pampered pooch you had to leave behind on your [...]

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