The celebrities fronting next year’s ads

While more and more Hollywood actresses are starring in fashion commercials, it has become common practice to put celebrities of equally high caliber behind the cameras. All the campaigns and the photos after the jump Megan Fox for Armani Hollywood’s sex symbol of the moment, Megan Fox, will accept Victoria Beckham’s inheritance at Armani to [...]


The AA Super Yacht by Arnaud Answeeuw

Described as an “ultra contemporary design”, this 91-metre superyacht concept has just been unveiled by French designer Arnaud Anseeuw. Named ‘AA’, the futuristic project has been inspired by advanced technologies and aerospace developments. It is equipped with fuel cell propulsion and has the option to have its own satellite to create a personal network between [...]


Fragment design x Rolex Explorer Released

The much anticipated Rolex Explorer designed by fragment design via the Bamford Watch Department has gone on sale today. The watch is available in black/blue and black/green at colette and goes for 15,000 €. Via Highsnobiety


2009 – The year of the cruise liner

This year has seen the launches of several new ocean-going passenger ships, defying the weakened economic climate with new levels of luxury such as an on-board circus, a 4D cinema and an “aquatheater.” Costa Luminosa Maiden Voyage – May 5 The 1,130 cabin Luminosa, owned by Costa Cruises, set sail across Northern Europe during summer, [...]


Brigitte Bardot eclair by Fauchon

After launching the famous eclair Mona Lisa, Fauchon introduces its latest gourmandise from its Tribute Collection featuring French actress Brigitte Bardot


Pharos Marine unveils superyacht Orcageno

The Egyptian design studio Pharos Marine has unveiled plans for a 60-meter dual-fuel hydrogen-diesel electric superyacht, the Orcageno. Dual-fuel engines can run on either diesel or liquid hydrogen, that latter fluid being stored in specially designed tanks in the bow. The Orcageno has room for 12 guests and 14 crew. It contains a spa and [...]

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