New York jeweler steals gold bullion, bit by bit

Reports Thursday said that for six years a woman used a purse with a false bottom to steal tiny amounts of gold from the New York jewelry manufacturer where she was a vault manager. By the time she was caught, reported the Daily News and New York Post, she’d amassed 500 pounds (227 kilos), equivalent [...]


Classic Bathroom Suites and Fixtures from Lineatre

Exquisite, modular pieces form the basis of these classic bathroom suites and fixtures from Lineatre.


Audi D7 Concept

The collective concept car design exhibition titled “From Dream to Reality” took place from 18 to 23 April 2009 at the Kamal Aldin Behzad Gallery in Teheran, Iran. The purpose of the event was to present the works and showcase the abilities of young Iranians graduated in Industrial and Transportation Design. Iran isn’t normally considered [...]

Lady Dior – What’s in her bag?

On May 20th, the Dior fashion house will broadcast on the Internet a new thriller starring Marion Cotillard, muse of the legendary Lady Dior handbag. In exclusivity for our readers, we are offering an 8 second scene, which brings to life the famous ad campaign by Peter Lindbergh. What is she looking at? What’s in [...]


GTA Spano supercar unveiled

The GTA Spano was officially launched by GTA Motor company in Valencia last week, along with photos and details marking the release of the first Spanish supercar. The GTA Spano is equipped with a longitudinal positioned V10 engine capable of outputting 780 horsepower and 920 nm of torque that helps the car reach a top [...]

vienna opera

The World’s Best Places to Live 2009

In Mercer Consultings annual Quality of Living Survey, Europe once again dominates the list of 215 countries around the world. The top three cities are, by rank, Vienna, Zurich (last years winner), and Geneva. Commonwealth nations fare pretty well, too, winning 9 of the top 30 spots, even though London comes in only at 38. [...]

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