Little Prada in the Desert

In 2005, near the West Texas towns of Valentine and Marfa, a pair of Scandinavian artists, Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, unveiled Prada Marfa, a sculpture masquerading as a Prada mini-boutique. Located along an isolated stretch of U.S. Highway 90, the 15 by 25-foot adobe and stucco building was partially funded by the Prada Foundation. [...]


Selgas Cano architecture office

Selgas Cano is a Spanish architecture firm, and this long glass tube in a little wooded ravine is the Madrid office they’ve built for themselves. The shutters over the clear roof are retractable and allow for natural light to pour into the space. Ceilings are both low and high, depending on the retraction of the [...]


Motorola’s AURA Ad with David Beckham

Motorola Aura, the luxury phone announced back in October 2008, is available for purchase since December last year. But Motorola is probably not happy with the way sales are going. So now the company announced a new advertising campaign, called “Aura of David Beckham”. The famous footballer is pictured in a Terminator style, for the [...]


First Ferrari Store opens in London

Ferrari Formula One driver Kimi Räikkönen has officially opened the UK’s first Ferrari Store at 193-197 Regent Street in the heart of London. Räikkönen was then treated to a specially arranged drive-by from some of the greatest Ferraris ever made. Legendary models taking part included a Daytona, F40, F50 and Enzo. Stocking everything from Ferrari [...]


The world’s most expensive Cigarette case

Stephen Webster is one of the most celebrated jewellers worldwide. He has won four-times UK’s ‘Luxury Jeweller of the Year’ prize. “Things have changed,” he says. “The fear factor, the reverence and the rather staid formality have all but disappeared. Magazines now have fashion shoots featuring cheap H&M jeans worn with £5000 diamond rings. Having [...]


Best Hollywood Home of the Year

Called “Home of the Year” by some American journalists, this stunning house sits among the Hollywood Hills and it’s full of new technologies: CinemaScope theater, 7.1-channel surround-sound, intricate TV concealment, extensive automation. The residence was designed and built by Temple Home, whose co-owner, Xorin Balbes, has earned recognition for his restoration of famous Los Angeles-area [...]

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