UAE hotels hope money can buy ME love

It may not be possible to buy love. But at least you can spend a fortune trying to do so in the United Arab Emirates, where luxury hotels are offering Valentine’s Day specials for mega-rich romantics. Lovey dovey in Abu Dhabi? The Emirates Palace, which bills itself as a seven-star hotel, has the priciest Valentine [...]


Rare Luxury Ferrari 250 GTO For Sale

An extremely rare example of Ferrari’s legendary 250 GTO from 1963 is being offered for private treaty sale by RM Auctions. The car, chassis no. 4675 GT, is one of only 36 250 GTOs originally produced and one of a limited few with Series II GTO bodywork. “The Ferrari GTO is unquestionably one of the [...]


Valentine’s 2010 Mens Louis Vuitton Collection

Valentine’s Day is coming. You must want to prepare a distinctive gifts for your boyfriends or husbands. Some Louis Vuitton perfect gifts are as follows. Via ilvoelv

Princess Cruises

Cruise line reintroduces decades-old custom

A US cruise line is to allow friends and family of passengers on board its ships ahead of departure, reincarnating an old tradition. Before the tightening of security regulations, passengers on board grand cruise liners were normally allowed to bring families and friends on board to show off the ship before setting sail. Now, a [...]


European luxury invades NY’s Madison Ave

For the man who has everything except that perfect alligator skin jacket, he need only visit Hermes’ newly opened boutique on Madison Avenue in New York, where the snappy garment sells for 158,000 dollars. In the city with the highest concentration of billionaires worldwide and a magnet for 45 million tourists, the commercial real estate [...]


Vacheron Constantin Lacquer Collection

Vacheron Constantin will soon launch new “Métiers d’Art La symbolique des laques Maki-e” series watch. The new collection is devoted to a one-of-a-kind centuries-old Japanese lacquer technique called maki-e. The first set of the Vacheron Constantin watches was given the name “The Three Friends of Winter.” The set, as interpreted by Japanese culture, symbolizes endurance [...]

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