Dollar Teddy Bear

The bear is sewn entirely out of genuine U.S. dollar bills. No eyes, no mouth, just old dollar bills. The bear is 12″ tall and sells for a whopping $1,250 (far more than what is sewn on his body). Source: Vivre


The Wave Hammock

Swedish designers Erik Nyberg and Gustav Ström created the WAVE Hammock for Belgian outdoor furniture manufacturer Royal Botania. The idea is to convey the feeling of lying underneath the canopy of a tree, surrounded by a defined, natural space, forming both a sculpture and an inviting and luxurious outdoor furniture. The materials in WAVE consist [...]


Harrods’ Easter eggs


New Mini convertible campaign

Mini has launched an advertising campaign with some funny video and the slogan “always open” for the new Mini Convertible model. Enjoy these two videos: the first one is about a duel between two different Mini colours, blue and yellow, … and the second one shows a drive through history, from the Roman Ages, through [...]

Italian Pizza restaurant opens North Korea

Italian restaurant opens in North Korea

North Korea has opened its first “authentic” Italian restaurant on the orders of its leader, Kim Jong-Il, a pro-Pyongyang newspaper said Saturday. The Chosun Sinbo, often seen as a mouthpiece for North Korea’s communist regime, said the restaurant had proved to be a major hit after it opened in the capital Pyongyang in December. “I’ve [...]


The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach Debuts Eau Spa

Get ready to swoon. The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach – playground of the rich and famous right on the sand in exclusive South Florida – has opened a spa that simply oozes glamour. The Eau Spa (“Eau” is French for water) is a 42,000 square foot palace that fuses baroque designs with strong modern accents to [...]

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