Lamborghini Murcielago SuperVeloce Promo Video

Lamborghini has released the first Lamborghini Murcielago SuperVeloce promotional video. The short film was shot in a hangar in Hamburg, Germany and shows the supercar drifting in a cloud of smoke with a light that underlines its aggressive line and elegant design.


Linkenholt village: Yours for £25m

An entire village, complete with a cricket club, a blacksmiths and a manor house is to go on sale next week for up to £25 million. Whoever buys Linkenholt, near Andover in Hampshire, will land its 22 houses, the village shop, a commercial shoot, 1,500 acres of prime farm land and 450 acres of woodland. [...]


Prada’s Shell Jewellery in special Edition

From March, 21 Prada will launch a new special edition of bijoux, called Shell Jewellery and available only in Milan’s stores. Born from Miuccia Prada’s wish to mix various worlds for create a new one, the special line includes necklaces and earrings featuring metals and shells. Unique shells of different forms and colors are mixed [...]

BMW Profits Down 90%

BMW Profits fall by 90%


Sumo wrestler debuts as fashion model

The yokozuna Asashoryu has appeared in the Shibuya Girls Collection show in Tokyo this week and entertained a crowd of 20,000 mostly teenage girls. He was wearing a school uniform as a reference to him starring as a high school student in a recent TV commercial. Source: Relaxnews


Fashion Brand Lollipops by Massimo Gammacurta

In a simple yet innovative personal touch to various runway shows around the globe, Massimo Gammacurta with the help of various fashion brands created a series of branded lollipops. The instantly recognizable powerhouse brands include Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. Designer logo lollipops, created in delicious flavors and rich-looking textures just call [...]

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