Bottega Veneta opens a new boutique in Taipei

To commemorate Bottega Veneta’s opening of a new boutique in Taipei, the luxury designer will come out with a limited edition knot handbag. Named the Taipei Knot, this handbag will available exclusively through the new store; only 50 will be produced. Sporting shades of york, cigar, and truffle the patchwork of the handbag comprises 25 [...]


Bentley opens first South American showroom

Luxury car marque Bentley has opened its first showroom in South America, in a bid to gain a foothold in the area’s rapidly developing market. The firm opened its Sao Paulo showroom on March 18, describing the Brazilian capital as “a major center of commerce, luxury and culture in South America”. Unsurprisingly, Bentley Sao Paulo [...]


Tesla Roadster and Tag Heuer go on world tour

Luxury watch brand TAG Heuer has unveiled a new concept watch for its specially designed Tesla Roadster March 18 – and announced plans for a world tour. To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Tag Heuer will send the Tesla Roadster around the world, leading a travelling exhibition of the brands timepieces. At the centerpiece of the [...]


Hamilton Time Player

Hamilton aims to merge nostalgia for its American roots with the latest Swiss technology in the new Time Player watch. Described as “latitude and longitude with attitude”, this hi-tech model is inspired by the geographic co-ordinates system based on lines of latitude and longitude. The concept unites finger-operated timekeeping in four up-to-the-minute time zones with [...]


The BMW M Bike

The motorsport division of BMW doesn’t limit itself to producing cars and has developed a new speed bicycle for more serious cycling enthusiasts. The BMW M Bike features disc brakes and an elegant matt anthracite frame with the M logo, combined perfectly with the leather saddle, stunning rims and handles, and shiny red seat inlay. [...]


Record estimate for disputed Picasso painting

A Picasso painting owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Art Foundation, which was at the centre of a dispute about its Nazi-era history, is to go under the hammer. Lloyd Webber — composer of musicals like “Cats” — originally announced his intention to sell “Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto” for charity in 2006. It was [...]

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