New World’s Largest Pool Being Built In Egypt

Crystal Lagoons has announced the construction of twelve giant crystal clear lagoons at the Sharm El Sheik beach, in the Egyptian desert, the biggest of them measuring 8.8 hectares in size. The world’s largest pool is currently in San Alfonso del Mar, Chile, and has an area of 8 hectares. But this one-kilometer-in-length behemoth, also [...]


Jessica Simpson wants to learn to play golf from Tiger Woods

The beautiful singer and actress, Jessica Simpson has asked Tiger Woods for golfing lessons. And sure, everyone would have as a golf teacher Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods! He is currently the world number 1 and he was the highest-paid professional athlete in 2007, having earned an estimated $122 million from winnings and endorsements. Lucky Jessica [...]


Quinta Do Lago: A Luxury Villa Rental Like No Other

Quinta Do Lago, once recipient of the famous Most Luxury Resort Award and the 2009 Best Golf Destination in Europe Award has a selection of luxuriously appointed villas available for holiday rentals. The resort is home to a number of celebrities and state dignitaries. Madonna, Silvestre Stallone and Bonnie Tyler are just a few household [...]


$317,200 for Superman first adventure

According to the art website Artdaily, the owner of Torpedo Comics has paid $ 317,200 at auction for the first edition of Action Comics, featuring the debut adventures of Superman. John Dolmayan, drummer for System of a Down and owner of Torpedo Comics, is now the owner of the first edition of Action Comics, from [...]


Vacheron Constantin Lady Kalla Flame

Flame on! This jewelry watch from Vacheron Constantin features the newest officially recognized diamond shape, the “flame cut.” The shape, that looks like a small flame, is emphasized in the dial as well as the use of 200 flame cut diamonds all over the watch, 20 on the case, 60 in the dial, and 120 [...]


Dollar Teddy Bear

The bear is sewn entirely out of genuine U.S. dollar bills. No eyes, no mouth, just old dollar bills. The bear is 12″ tall and sells for a whopping $1,250 (far more than what is sewn on his body). Source: Vivre

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