70-inch multi-touch table by Strukt

Strukt brought a stunning multi-touch table, called “Struktable” to the 2009 TOCA ME design conference in Munich. With its 70-inch display size, the Struktable is built for simultaneous interaction of up to 8 people. The touch-sensitive surface recognizes unlimited finger touches at the same time – therefore, users can interact more intuitively. The table features 5 [...]


Louis Vuitton opens Champs-Elysees store Sunday amid legal battle

Louis Vuitton opened its Champs-Elysees store Sunday amid an ongoing national battle over the supposed day of rest. French law only allows retailers that sell sporting, recreational, leisure and culture items in heavily trafficked tourist areas to open Sunday. The law is aimed to support “dominical rest.” Louis Vuitton has argued that the store features [...]


Le Grand Monde d’Andy Warhol

The newly remodeled Grand Palais hosts “Le Grand Monde d’Andy Warhol”. The exhibition consists of almost 150 works, some of them coming out of private collections for the first time, by pop art legend Andy Warhol. “Warhol wanted to produce portraits that showed not just people, but a society, a whole wide world,” said Alain [...]


Escada Fighting For Survival

Luxury fashion house Escada is on the brink of collapse after announcing today that it needs €30 million in liquidity by October 31 to make up for the year-on-year loss. Chief Financial Officer Markus Schuerholz said that an attempt to raise urgent funds by restructuring and raising further capital will be made over the next [...]


Madonna in Palm Beach?

Madonna has reportedly moved into a Palm Beach mansion with Jesus Luz, the hot Brazilian model with whom she is rumoured to be having a passionate fling. Madonna signed a $50,000 month-to-month lease on a villa located at the posh Palm Beach Polo and Country Club in Wellington, which is on the market for $6.5 [...]


Eco-Chic accessories by Humanity

Humanity is a modern and stylish apparel company, that uses fashion to promote humanitarian awareness worldwide. It’s a tapestry of art and written text that unfolds the story of individuals, social justice and the environment. This winter, Humanity launches a new line of accessories that will take their humanitarian mission to the next level. More [...]

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