Louis Vuitton to Open a Store in Mongolia

Bloomberg reports that, according to Yves Carcelle, the brand’s chief executive officer, Louis Vuitton will open its first stores in Lebanon and in Mongolia this year. An unofficial source reported that the Louis Vuitton store in Ulaanbaatar will open on October 23rd 2009. “Sometimes in our industry there is a tendency to follow your ego [...]


Nicolas Cage’s New Orleans properties for sale

Nicolas Cage is looking to sell his New Orleans properties, one which is claimed to be a haunted house. The first one, known as the “LaLaurie Mansion” , is in the French Quarter and is sale for $3,550,000. Cage said to David Letterman about his house: “a very notorious house, a very famous house, meaning [...]


Watchmaking Lessons On Your iPhone

Jaeger-LeCoultre has launched a new iPhone application that aims to share the fascinating world of fine watch making with the public. Rather than simply present their collection, the app invites you to look at iconic models from a whole new angle: the perspective of an amateur watchmaker. The application lets you explore the various stages [...]


Video – LV Haute Joaillerie: L’Ame du Voyage

Louis Vuitton L’âme du Voyage is Haute Joaillerie for dreaming. For travel, with your mind. For discover new places with fantasy. Everything with style and class not easy to find. Enjoy.


Haute Chocolate

This week, more than 400 exhibitors are in Paris, France for the 2009 Paris Chocolate Festival. The theme this year is opera. The event kicked off last night with a chocolate fashion show where dresses are created by a combination of top fashion designers and chocolatiers. Walking the runway wearing the chocolate fashions were models, [...]


Hong Kong Gourmets Welcome Caviar Azovka

Wild Caviar has almost vanished from face of the Earth and the privileged few that are still able to enjoy its delicacy are hit where it hurts most, their wallets. However, Caviar Azovka hopes to revive the rare treat through their precise farming and a strong ambition. “Most of the countries, and their historic producers [...]

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