Rent a Bugatti Veyron

The idea of driving a $1.4 million dollar sports car is nothing but a fleeting fantasy for most of us. The Bugatti Veyron availability alone could make it difficult for you to get your hands on one, even if you have the means otherwise. A company in the UK called Holders Vehicle Contracts wants to [...]


Mystery over Picasso notebook theft

A Pablo Picasso sketchbook worth several million dollars has been stolen from a museum in Paris. There is no sign of a break-in at the Picasso Museum in the Marais area of the city, yet the red notebook containing 33 pencil drawings disappeared on Monday night, police said. The sketchbook has been valued at $9.8 [...]


Paul Smith Cricket Ball

In anticipation of this year’s cricket season, the British fashion designer Paul smith has endowed the cricket ball with his trademark multicolour stripes. The ball has 100% natural cork innards and is wrapped with premium leather. Each finished with his rabbit icon embossed in gold and presented in its own gift box. Buy it at [...]


World’s most expensive hat

Modeled by actress Alicia Witt at Christie’s in London, Chapeau d’Amour—the “hat of love”—was created by celebrity couture designer Louis Mariette in 2004. Made of woven platinum and covered in stunning diamonds, the hat was inspired by ivy and bluebells. Valued at $2.7 million, The Chapeau d‘Amour, is currently the most expensive hat ever created.


China to overtake Italy for Lamborghini

China will overtake Italy as the second-biggest market behind the United States for iconic sportscar maker Lamborghini within three to five years, the group’s chief executive said on Wednesday. The Chinese associate luxury more with chauffeur-driven cars than sports cars because of bad road conditions, traffic congestion and driving standards, Stephan Winkelmann told the Reuters [...]


Swap your Gulfstream for a Private Island!

Last month’s Robb Report has announced that timber magnate Tim Blixseth will accept $75 million for his 5 acre Caribbean island of Emerald Cay, or swap it for a Gulfstream Jet or a luxury New York apartment. Blixseth bought the island half-finished about three years ago, and then completed the construction. He originally planned on [...]

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