Special Edition Alfa Romeo MiTo For Maserati

One hundred Alfa Romeo MiTos, produced exclusively for Maserati’s service network will soon be circulating on roads throughout Europe. For Maserati, the Alfa Romeo MiTo is the perfect “Courtesy Car” for customers who clearly appreciate Italian style and unique products. Alfa MiTo for Maserati comes with a unique Maserati Ocean Blue body color and gets [...]


Chinese city renames mountain after ‘Avatar’

A city in central China has renamed a mountain after the US blockbuster movie “Avatar,” which set a Chinese box office record. The majestic peak in Hunan province previously known as “Heaven and Earth Pillar” or “South Sky Pillar” has been officially renamed “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain,” the Zhangjiajie city government said in a statement. The [...]


Ferran Adria to Close El Bulli Temporarily

Molecular gastronomy maven Ferran Adria has announced that he will close his famed Catalonian restaurant El Bulli for all of 2012 and 2013. The three Michelin star El Bulli, tucked away on the Catalan coast, was last year named the world’s best restaurant by Restaurant magazine in Britain. “El Bulli is not closing down. I [...]


Picasso painting damaged at New York museum‎

A woman who was taking an art class at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has accidentally fallen into a $130million Picasso painting and damaged it. The painting called The Actor sustained a vertical tear of about six inches (15cm) in the lower right-hand corner. The woman was attending an adult education class last week [...]


Galliano gets the riding habit at Dior

The sound of whinnying horses and thundering hooves set the scene for Christian Dior‘s haute couture show for next summer on Monday, with its opening sequence of riding habits, a personal favourite of Monsieur Dior. Designer John Galliano’s Amazonians brandished riding crops and sported black velvet top hats with fishnet veils over their tightly-fitted jackets [...]


The top 10 five star hotels for under 50 pounds

Travel comparison and booking site Trivago has published a list of the most popular European five-star hotels with rates under £50 (€57). According to Trivago, the average rate at a five-star hotel in the top 50 European cities is £165 (€189). However, the site has compiled ten destinations where guests can enjoy the trappings of [...]

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