“Jeweled Objects of Desire” exhibition

“San Francisco based jewelry designer Sidney Mobell turns the ordinary into extraordinary while tempting the viewer to question their own perception of jeweled art. For over 30 years, the artist has created elaborate bejeweled works that bring a sense of magic and wonder to everyday household objects.” He has used precious materials to create diamond- [...]


Louis Vuitton underground store in Japan

Louis Vuitton recently opened their new temporary /underground/ store in Tokyo, located in the Seibu department store of Ikebukuro. The store is completely different in terms of interior than other Vuitton spaces and takes a more raw and industrial approach. To celebrate the opening, Louis Vuitton invited American rapper Kool Keith for a performance. The [...]


Solar Sail Luxury Yachts

Alastair Callender took luxury yachting to all new highs with his recent project, the “Soliloquy,” which is not only a luxury yacht, but also an eco-friendly one. It is run by wind, solar and Hybrid Marine Power technology. “The use of renewable and hybrid-electric energy will bring zero-emission capabilities and result in greater savings in [...]


World’s most expensive curry

A London curry house has celebrated the DVD launch of Slumdog Millionaire by creating a curry that costs more than $4000 a plate (£2,000). The Samundari Khazana curry, meaning Seafood Treasure, is a mix of caviar, sea snails, a whole lobster and even edible gold. The posh nosh is being served up at upmarket London [...]


Rolls Royce 200EX Auto-adjusting Purse Holder

Rolls Royce is the ultimate in luxury and now their new concept car makes driving even more luxurious for women. The Rolls Royce 200EX Concept has a feature that “auto-senses to hold your purse.” A purse pop out section of the back seat complete with wings to support the width of the purse, and as [...]


Amosu launches luxurious phones cases

Maybe you already have Amosu’s Diamond Pink Blackberry Storm and you confused to choose the right case for. A luxury Blackberry with a luxury cases is perfect one. These cases are hand made and stitched using exotic materials like crocodile, python, ostrich and lizard. They come in a multiplicity of colours and finishes. Each case [...]

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