Own a Piece of Maui For $9.99

For decades people in search of an out-of-the-ordinary gift have been naming stars for each other, with the inclusion of a map of the sky showing exactly which star belongs to them. Now is giving you the chance to own your piece of paradise. Menehune Land Sales LLC is selling one square foot of [...]


Experience Zense in Bangkok

Chic new restaurant ZENSE Gourmet Deck & Lounge Panorama has opened in Bangkok, featuring a giant outdoor terrace overlooking downtown Bangkok and an army of chefs serving four international cuisines from major name restaurants in the city. Developed by Central Retail Corporation, the 130-million baht ($3.6 million) concept is the flagship first phase of four [...]


Gold Bugatti Veyron

Have you ever seen a gold Bugatti Veyron? These pictures of the exclusive model come from Dubai and shows its stunning design with the opulence of the gold colour in three various tonalities. Powered by the 8.0 w16 64 V engine with four turbochargers , the supercar develops 1001 PS (764 kW) and 1250 Nm [...]

Peacock feather wedding dress

Peacock feather wedding dress displayed

A model recently presented a wedding dress decorated with peacock feathers at the wedding expo held in Nanjing, China. The unique dress took eight handicraftsmen two months to finish! The peacock wedding dress made of brocade is decorated with 2009 peacock tail feathers and 60 Hetian jades, and cost 10 million yuan (US$1.4 million), according [...]


The Antibes Yacht Show

For the third consecutive year, the Antibes Yacht Show heralds the opening of the Mediterranean yachting season with this landmark event held in Europe’s largest yacht harbour. Having already doubled its capacity last year, the 2009 event innovates again with new facilities and services, and additional show space with more in-water spots and exhibition stands [...]


Insecta Concept Draws Inspiration From Grasshoppers

The Insecta Concept – or Concept 蜢 (pronounce: Meng, meaning grasshopper in Chinese) was created by Shao Yung Yeh, a taiwanese student. The goal of the project was to create a futuristic personal mobility vehicle, with a unique construction and design language. As Shao Yung Yeh explains, “Taking inspirations from nature, the exterior expresses the [...]

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