Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood sold out

Until few days ago, you could find the wedding dress of your dream on Net-a-Porter. Now on-line there is a sad message that says: unfortunately, this item is sold out. Lily wedding gown, priced at £4,530 ($9875), for say ‘I do’ wearing Vivienne Westwood Gold Label’s dress, is already sold out. Famous thanks to Sex [...]


Moneual launches Korea’s most expensive computer

Moneual has introduced the most expensive computer in Korea called the 701 Jewelry. Retailing at roughly $30,000, the device is covered in 3,554 Swarovski jewels, and housed in gold and brass panels. Moneual 701 Jewelry is powered by a Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and it comes with 500GB HDD, 7-inch multimedia touchscreen display, ATI [...]


Paris Hilton’s sunglasses collection

Paris Hilton has launched her own sunglass collection. “Paris has an amazing eye for sunglass style and design. Her focus on her own personal fashion, combined with an unmatched marketing ability, is the key to why she is so successful and her products are sought after worldwide. Together, we are a powerful team and our [...]


Porzia T’s chic underwear

Porzia T by Paola Tessariol, a young and talented fashion designer, is an Italian company which reinvented the world of underwear combining the finest materials with a timeless luxury design. The designer dedicates her creations to Porzia, the famous character of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, as she embodies the contemporary women’s universe with [...]


Woman trades rare coins for groceries

A Utah woman who tried paying for Walmart groceries with $20 Gold Double Eagles was apparently turned away, and then exchanged 14 of them at a nearby bank for face value. The bank teller gave the woman $280 but the coins were worth far more. While the coins have not been appraised, at today’s gold [...]


Around-the-World Adventure by Luxury Private Jet

Safari Air, the green luxury private jet charter service, announced today that it is set to take flight on October 15th with the world’s first 21-day “Around the World Grand East Africa Safari.” The thrilling 25,450-mile adventure includes the Great Pyramids of Giza, Hong Kong Harbor, Taj Mahal and safaris in Tanzania and Kenya. Designed [...]

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