G.H. Mumm X Patrick Jouin

The House of G.H. Mumm and Patrick Jouin have collaborated to create a range of service accessories aimed at enhancing the appeal of G.H.MUMM products. Jouin suggested a range of service accessories fusing audacity and elegance and showcasing the brand icon, the famous red sash or “Cordon Rouge”. Patrick Jouin unveiled his first creation, a [...]


Glashütte Original PanoInverse XL


Hotel Zaandam – luxury reshaped

An architectural mashup of traditional houses, the 160-room Inntel Zaandam in the Netherlands looks as though it comes straight out of a fairytale. The iconic green wooden houses of the Zaan region were the fount of inspiration for the hotel’s designer, Wilfried van Winden (WAM architecten, Delft). The structure is a lively stacking of various [...]


Ballantine’s Championship Blend 2010 – Luxury pack

The Core has created the exclusive limited edition pack for Ballantine’s Championship Blend 2010: a priceless Scotch whisky blended specially for the 50th anniversary of the first Ballantine’s golf tournament. Only 20 of the ultra-luxe packs – which feature 24-Carat gold, real leather and solid mahogany – exist. The packs are currently on display around [...]


Chanel Celebrating the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

To celebrate the Universal Exhibition in Shanghai, Chanel is launching the Chanel Shanghai accessories collection inspired by the delights of China. This limited-edition collection, which includes bracelets, necklaces, handbags and earrings, will debut at Chanel’s five mainland boutiques this May. The timeless Chanel handbags well show the extravagance of the palace. The evening purses with [...]


Schindler’s List goes on sale for $2.2million

The only privately owned list drawn up by Oskar Schindler of Jews he helped save from Nazi Germany is now for sale at $2.2 million. The 13-page list of 801 names is dated April 18, 1945, and was made popular by Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning movie “Schindler’s List.” Zimet described it as “a true treasure, and [...]

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