Prince Harry Gets Millions For 25th Birthday

Prince Harry has inherited an estimated £9m from his mother’s estate after he turned 25 years old today. Although he will not get access to the full amount, he will be able to receive £300,000 worth of interest each year from the money left by Princess Diana. But despite becoming a multi-millionaire, Harry will not [...]


MINI: 2nd and 3rd video teaser

BMW-owned MINI has released the second and third teaser videos of the Coupe and Roadster Concepts, that are part of a series of videos titled “Two Untamed” Both concepts will makes their first public appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show that opens today. Theme is the same of the first video: twins as two different [...]

Italy Venice Film Festival Single Man

Tom Ford movie “A Single Man” at Venice film fest

Tom Ford, the former star designer at Gucci, makes his directorial debut at the Venice Film Festival, with A Single Man an intimate movie about coping with loss and grief. Ford said that it is “the most personal thing” he has ever done. The first trailer for the movie features a cameo by Ford’s favorite [...]


Video: Bugatti 16 C Galibier Concept Teaser

Bugatti is giving a glimpse of its future beyond the Veyron with this W16-powered four-seat limousine. Like its two-seat stablemate, the 16C Galibier aims to be the ultimate: the fastest, most powerful, most elegant and expensive car in the world. Officially it’s a concept car, but Bugatti has started showing the Galibier to customers and [...]


Esthec solar-powered superyacht

Remember the solar powered Dubai Sea Limousine (an eco-friendly mode of transportation to and from the islands of The World)? Raising the bar further, Dennis Ingemansson has designed this 45m superyacht that shows the trend toward the eco-friendly yachts of the future. Designed for the Dutch company Esthec, the superyacht generates solar energy to propel [...]


Chinese Millionaire Buys World’s Most Expensive Dog

A Chinese woman has reportedly paid a whopping 4 million Yuan ($585,000) to buy a new pet dog. The 18-month old dog, a Tibetan mastiff measuring 80cm high, is now believed to be the world’s most expensive dog. The Chinese woman revealed that her ‘priceless pet’ had been named ‘Yangtze River Number Two’ and added: [...]

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