Lorenz Bäumer for Louis Vuitton fine jewelry

Paris-based jewelry designer Lorenz Bäumer, that had designed anonymously for Chanel and Baccarat has designed a fine jewelry collection for Louis Vuitton. The collection is named L’âme du Voyage (“the soul of the trip”) and connects Louis Vuitton’s travel heritage with Bäumer’s own penchant for going places, in fact he has lived in Bonn, Germany; [...]


Bergdorf Goodman Adamo with Swarovski snake

Designed for Bergdorf Goodman, this bejeweled and really amazing Dell Adamo features shining Swarovski Crystal studded sterling silver snake. Do you like this fashion snake guarding your pc laptop? You could have one of this glamorous adornment for a vicious price of $5,000. But, we are sure that you prefer diamonds for your notebook, don’t [...]


The world’s most expensive belt

Stuart Hughes from Goldstriker International has a reputation of taking ordinary items and turning them into luxurious limited edition pieces. They have teamed up to open a unique website, Republica Fashion, with a range of amazing designs for the super rich. The highlight of the collection is the new Gucci diamond belt, which is being [...]


For New Year’s, rent a whole hotel

Want to spend New Year’s Eve at The Curtis? This year, it’ll cost you a minimum of $51,000. But at least you can bring along 600 of your nearest and dearest party people to share in the experience. The Curtis Hotel, a boutique with a mid-century modern theme and 330 rooms, has started an auction [...]


Versace to Close Its Japanese Stores

Bloomberg reports that Gianni Versace will shut down its stores in Japan as there is decline in the demand for luxury goods. The fashion company has three stores in Japan, one in Osaka, one in Tokyo and one in Chiba according to the Versace website. Versace, which entered Japan in 1981, isn’t the first brand [...]


Asia’s Top 50 SuperYachts

Asia-Pacific Boating magazine is releasing its highly anticipated and sought-after Top 50 Superyachts of Asia listing in the coming November-December issue. This one-of-a-kind listing draws together the biggest and most luxurious yachts of the region, from India to the South Pacific, and from Indonesia to Japan. The 2008 edition saw the entry of the 95-metre [...]

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