World’s most expensive 16 GB USB drive

This beautiful USB dubbed Mnemosyne is made all-aluminum body and costs 1,000,000 Yen.

Created by Italy-based designers Toshi Satoji and Katsuya Masaki, each black cube is constructed with a unique puzzle pattern and carved from a single block of aluminum.

In order to use the USB key you need to completely disassemble the puzzle-like cube to find the USB key in the center, and then re-assemble it when finished.

“As we wanted our USB flash drive to be used with care and attention, we chose a precious, expensive, bulky and heavy material, that would be difficult to use,” Toshi Satoji said.

“This is exactly the opposite way that a common USB Flash Drive is used. Something very precious shouldn’t be easy, in the same way an opera of art isn’t,” he added.