Most Expensive Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army is producing these stunningly outrageous knives at only $70,000 a pop. The shells of the most expensive Swiss Army knife are made of pure platinum 950. The inset lengthwise has 430 dazzling diamonds bringing the total weight to close to 4 carats. All of the tools included with the expensive knives are engraved [...]

Belfast hotel serves up the world’s most expensive cocktail

The price of a round of drinks may be getting ever more expensive nowadays, but it’s a snip compared with what is on offer at Belfast’s Merchant Hotel. At £750, an original Trader Vic’s Mai Tai isn’t within everyone’s budget, but its hefty price tag has been enough to secure it the official title of [...]

Most expensive piano

The most expensive piano in the world belonged to the Beatle’s John Lennon and was auctioned off to British pop-singer George Michael in 2000. The Steinway & Sons “Model Z” Piano formerly owned by John Lennon is a fairly ordinary walnut upright piano that still bears a few cigarette burns attributed to the musician. The [...]

Most Expensive Truffle

A Hong Kong property tycoon and his wife have reportedly paid $160,406 for a huge Italian white truffle in 2006, which may be the world’s most expensive ever. Gordon Wu and his wife outbid connoisseurs from France and Italy to win the 3.3 pounds Alba white truffle from an international auction, a spokeswoman for the [...]

Most Expensive Beer

Samuel Adams has come out with not only the most expensive beer on the planet, but the strongest beer listed by Guinness Records. Samuel Adams/Boston Beer Company’s Utopias is said to be the world’s strongest and most expensive beer at $100 per bottle. The beer is brewed with a blend of high-quality hops and sold [...]

The most expensive mouse

If you have $24,180 burning a hole in your pocket you may consider getting a hold of Swiss company Pay Says Now, they’d happily trade you for what they call ‘Diamond Flower’, the world’s most expensive mouse. The Diamond Flower mouse comes with 59 diamonds set in an 18K white gold casing, a perfect gift [...]

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