World’s most expensive magazine

Shot by famous celebrity photographer Avinash Gowariker, the cover of Kohl, a recently launched ITP lifestyle magazine targeting Asian women, features Indian actress Katrina Kaif, who is the star of many Bollywood hits and was voted the Sexiest Woman by a famous international magazine. Thanks to the alliance with an established UAE-based jeweler Damas, the [...]

Luxury aquarium : hand-pick your exotic fish and take it home

NYC-based Okeanos Aquascaping, is an international custom aquarium and pond company specializing in the integration of cutting edge designs, hand-picked exotic fish, coral and other livestock, brilliant colors, and mesmerizing effects. Sure, you could go to a beach or an aquarium anytime to see exotic aquatic life. But you guys deserve the finest luxuries in [...]

The world’s most expensive Christmas ornament

Although christmas is still six-months away I can’t help myself featuring this piece of art. The Christmas tree ball on the picture above is supposed to be the world’s most expensive Christmas ornament, in the Krebs Glas Lauscha GmbH company. The transparent glass ball is decorated with finely sculpted solid 12 karat gold and 120 [...]

Most Expensive Speeches

Bill Zanker, founder and president of the Learning Annex. Zanker hired Donald Trump in 2005 to speak at three real estate investing seminars for $1 million per speech. Those went so well that the company proceeded to hire him for another 17 seminars in 2006-07 for $1.5 million each. Zanker claims that he’s turned a [...]

Most Expensive Watch in the World

Chopard, a Switzerland located company, has released the worlds most expensive watch. The Chopard 201-carat Watch costs $25 million dollars and features three heart-shaped diamonds, the pink weighs 15 carats, the blue weighs 12 carats and the white weighs 11 carats. In addition to those the watch bracelet comes festooned in 163 carats of white [...]

Most Expensive Record

Question : What is the most expensive record in the world? Answer : An early disc created by three of the original Beatles has become England’s most expensive record of all time and has an estimated value of £100,000 ($200,000). Recorded in 1958 by the band Quarry Men, (Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Colin [...]

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