A London house goes on sale for £100 million

Despite the global economic collapse, a luxury terrace house in Belgravia has gone on sale for a record £100 million ($150 million).

The six-story property in Belgravia, central London, has 20-foot ceilings, luxurious fixtures and more than 21,000 square feet of living space.

Along with Candy Spelling’s mansion, this white-stucco-fronted house at No. 10 Belgrave Square, owned by Lebanese developer Musa Salem, is now the most expensive home on the market in the world.

If Salem were to get his price, it would break the record for this type of property: £80m paid for a house in Upper Phillimore Gardens, in Kensington.

It was bought by Elena Franchuk, a Ukrainian philanthropist, when the very top end of the London market was near its peak in February last year.

The sale is shrouded in secrecy that is extreme even for this level of the market. Buying agents, normally involved in such deals, are not being allowed in to look “on spec”, and any potential clients they produce will first be vetted.

Source: Times / Bornrich