Luxury Spring Water More Expensive Than Oil

Bling H2O, was supposed to be the most expensive bottle of water until we found “Fillico Beverly Hills”, a premium line of spring water from a company name Vieluce in Osaka, being sold at $100 per bottle.

Fillico Beverley Hills contains water from a natural spring at the foot of Mount Rokko in Kobe, Japan.

The spring is very famous for producing excellent water for Sake production and each bottle contains 750 ml of precious liquid. Due to the limited supply of spring water, only 5,000 bottles are sold each month.

Of course if paying $100 for a bottle of water is not enough, you can also buy the limited edition called the King and Queen versions’ which cost about 230$ each.

Their caps are more like crowns of royalty and are decorated with Swavorski crystals and carved with gold paint.