World’s Most Expensive Cigar at $750 Each


Gurkha has a reputation of being the best of the best in the cigar world, and His Majesty’s Reserve holds the title of world’s most expensive cigar.

HMR starts with a rare aged Dominican wrapper that covers a secret blend of filler tobaccos from all over the world.

Once the cigars are rolled, they then undergo a unique infusion process that involves an entire bottle of Louis XIII Cognac (the process uses an entire bottle).

This infusion process is very unique in that it does not take away from the tobacco flavor of the aged leaves, but rather complements them in grand fashion.

Louis XIII Cognac is one of the finest cognacs on the market today and it ranges approximately from $1,500 to $3,800 per bottle.

The premium cigar is sold individually or in a box set of 20, which sells for $15,000. Only 75 boxes or 1,500 cigars total were prepared for market this year.