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5 Singapore Entrepreneurs Dreaming Big

Dec 28, 2015 /

There is rise of a new breed of Gen-Ys. Hipsters? Not exactly. Entrepreneurially creative? More likely, just like the five you’re about to meet.

Men Spending More on Engagement Rings

Dec 26, 2015 / Jewellery

Survey reveals that ring budgets are bigger than ever, with men spending an average of US$5,978 on the right bling.

Study Reveals Buying Things Makes You Happy

Dec 24, 2015 /

If you are in a panic about last-minute holiday gifts, it might be worth bearing in mind that material things actually can bring happiness.

Are Online Auctions the Future of Art Sales?

Dec 18, 2015 / Art

On December 17 Christie’s Paris auction house wrapped up an entirely online auction. This is the first time Christie’s Paris has done.

Bulgari to Open Largest Jewelry Manufacture

Dec 06, 2015 /

Why is LVMH-owned jeweler and watchmaker Bulgari opening the largest jewelry production facility in Europe?

Whisky will be world’s second most popular spirit

Nov 18, 2015 /

Whisky is set to overtake vodka to become the second-largest spirit consumed around the world by 2020, slipping in behind national spirits like baijiu and soju. You read that right, whisky is not already the most popular spirit in the world – that would be the aforementioned baijiu, thanks to 1.3 billion people in China. […]