Vertu Ascent Ti Special Edition for ICM

The luxury mobile phones manufacturer Vertu has launched a special edition of its Ascent Ti in support of the Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord Disorders.

This special edition has been created to raise funds for the ICM charity with donations made from each Special Edition sale.

The luxury mobile phone is handcrafted in England and has a design inspired by supercars, which is supposedly a favorite of Jean Todt – ICM President.

It’s made of sandblasted titanium, silver ceramic and the finest leather in ICM’s own colours.

The phone comes with customized graphics and can be identified by the engraving of ‘ICM Special Edition’ on the back plate of the phone case.

“We are delighted to be supporting ICM and its groundbreaking work in the field of brain and spinal cord disorders through donations from sales of this special edition Ascent Ti.” Perry Oosting, President of Vertu said.

Vertu holds pioneering and groundbreaking activity in great esteem and this is a perfect way to contribute to an organisation that embodies these ideals.”

Source: Lussorian