Swarovski Encrusted iPhone Pouch by Mercedes

Part of the GLK collection, the new iPhone pouch is crafted from the finest quality white nappa leather with crisp cut-out transparent GLK lettering– a characteristic feature of the entire GLK Collection – that has been lavishly trimmed with CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements.

The effect is eye-catching: when the iPhone is actually inserted and the display is activated, the refraction of light through the fine-cut crystals ensures that the GLK lettering shimmers in an attractive play of colours. Inside the GLK iPhone® pouch is lined with a special magenta-coloured fabric.

Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH has been working closely with the Austrian crystal specialist Swarovski for some time now. The strictly limited edition of 40 exclusive, glittering iPhone® pouches will be exclusively raffled for invited guests of Mercedes-Benz in the Lounge.

Only 40 are set for immediate production, with each set to be raffled for invited guests of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in the Lounge. But not to worry, the iPhone pouch will certainly make its official debut as part of the Mercedes GLK Collection come October. Though, for drivers of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, the GLK-Class offers a convenient and secure connection for the iPhone on board with the usual multifunction steering wheel control.