The Liverpool FC Legends Edition phone

Liverpool have launched a must-have mobile phone celebrating the club’s glorious history – there’s just one catch. The 18-carat gold handset features a sapphire crystal screen on the bottom and engraved is the Liverpool logo, which further is studded with 18 diamonds marking the number of the club’s league title victories. The handsets are available … Continued

GoldVish Revolution luxury phone

The Swiss company GoldVish, creator of the world’s most expensive phone – GoldVish Le Million – has unveiled another luxury handset, called GoldVish Revolution. The GoldVish Revolution is a weird candybar that looks like a mix between the very stylish Motorola Aura and a Mobiado phone. The device is covered in diamonds, as well as … Continued

Nokia Passion Fire Edition

Designed by Katherine Hughes for Goldstriker, this elegant handset boasts 40gms of hallmarked 925 Sterling silver handmade veneers struck with 24ct gold complete with Sterling silver dressings again struck with 24ct gold which house 60 beautiful Swarovski crystals. Available 1st April 09 from Priced at £2,995 as a limited edition of 250 handsets.

Ulysse Nardin Chairman Cellphone

Known for their watchmaking, the Ulysse Nardin has the mechanical intricacy you would expect along with a 2.8-inch multitouch screen, 5-megapixel camera, biometric fingerprint unlocking, WiFi and an email browser. A first for the mobile phone industry, the Chairman features a functioning mechanical watch rotor that is also incorporated into its aesthetic design. Similar to … Continued

Goldstriker unveils Nokia Passion Edition

Goldstriker, known for its extraordinary and luxury offerings has announced that it will be retailing the latest Nokia Passion Edition. This Nokia handset adorns 40gms of hallmarked 925 Sterling silver handmade veneers. Sterling silver dressings embedded with 60 Swarovski crystals complete the design.

Gresso Lady Diamond

There seems to be quite a few luxury mobile phones hitting the mobile arena lately, one would think there isn’t an economic downturn going on. The latest from the house of Gresso is the Lady Diamond luxury phone, which looks to be aimed straight at trendy women. The design takes its inspiration from the Swiss … Continued

New Gresso Skeleton Gold

Only two months after announcing the first handsets from its Avantgarde Skeleton Collection, Gresso has now unveiled the Skeleton Gold phone. Not too different from the Avantgarde Skeleton, the Gresso Skeleton Gold is, obviously, dressed in more gold. Its 23 functional keys are “executed of 18k gold”, while its QVGA screen is protected by hand-polished … Continued

Ulysse Nardin creates hybrid luxury smartphone

Celebrated Swiss vanguard watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has partnered with the European firm, SCI Innovations, to create the world’s first hybrid smart phone: the Chairman. It will incorporate a Ulysse Nardin designed kinetic rotor system which is blended into the mechanical and aesthetical design of the smart phone. The Chairman will also include several components never … Continued

Apple and Stones iPhone Designs by Peter Aloisson

Austrian designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson already has the crown of creating the world’s most expensive iPhone, the Kings Button, and this time he is back with lot more. His latest concept and creation has been called “Phones and Stones” and “Apple and Stones”. These items are real luxury objects and are encrusted with Swarovski … Continued

Athem Diamond Vertu Constellation

Swiss luxury designer and jeweler Knalihs Athem, who earlier gave us the Apple iPhone 3G festooned with 475 brilliant cut diamonds, is now back with yet another stunning creation – the Diamond Vertu Constellation Gold. Each phone is done in 18K gold and covered with more than 1500 brilliant cut diamonds. The handset can be … Continued

Pink diamond blackberry bold and 3G iphone with diamonds

Amosu, known for adding bling to just about anything, has just announced the pink diamond blackberry bold and 3G iphone with diamonds for all the late Valentine shoppers. The pink BlackBerry Bold comes with 86 white and pink sapphire diamonds of approximately 3.95 carats, fixed firmly on the front and 242 on the back of … Continued

Mobiado 105GMT White Luxury Watchphone

The luxury phone maker Mobiado released 105GMT White Luxury Watchphone.There are 2 built-in mechanical watches on the bottom of the phone that emphasizes shining sapphire crystals in the front and in the back. Also buttons are made of sapphire crystals and a sapphire plate protects the movements under the removable battery cover.

Vertu opens a new Flagship Store in Japan

On 19 February 2009, Vertu will open Ginza Flagship Store, its first store in Japan. At the store, pre-orders of handsets will be taken for delivery when VERTU Club is available. Those who simply cannot wait until the launch of the VERTU Club in the second quarter of 2009 will be able to purchase SIM … Continued

New 24ct Gold Apple iPhone 3G from Goldstriker

Goldstriker’s latest project is this 24ct Gold iphone 3G that now has an all rear shell, side command buttons and front bezel skillfully struck with 24ct gold. The handset is certainly a must have for all those big spenders and we are talking “BIG” with a price of £1,595 ($3,000). The 24ct Gold iPhone 3G … Continued

Smythson iPhone Cover

British stationers Smythson have created a unique case for the iPhone designed to complement their diaries and other items. Part of the Smythson Autumn Winter 2008 Raspberry Collection, the case is made in luxurious Raspberry leather and lined in leather. It comes presented in a Nile blue tissue-lined gift box. The Smythson iPhone case fits … Continued

Nokia E51 with yellow gold and gems

Peter Aloisson has decked out the Nokia E51, and there are two models available: the Nokia E51 “Blossoms of the Eight” and the Nokia E51 “Terezzo”. The Blossoms of the Eight (pictured below) is made of solid 18-carat yellow gold. It is hand engraved with a design of lotus blossoms and the lucky number “8.” … Continued

Nokia 8800 Gold Arte

Nokia has announced yet another variation of its 8800 slider phone, the Gold Arte. This new entrant to Nokia’s Arte series of luxury phones comes decorated with 18-carat gold and white leather. The tri-band GSM handset features a 2-inch OLED display with 240 x 320 pixels, 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus, 4GB of internal storage, Bluetooth … Continued

Amosu diamond iPhone 3G in any color back you want

Got $30,000 to spend on a mobile phone ? Amosu luxury is now creating the new 3G diamond iphone in whatever colour diamond you want, and to match they will do the back in the same coulour. So all you ladies who want a 3G Iphone with pink diamonds can now have the back in … Continued

Avantgarde Skeleton Collection by Gresso

After the Black Diamond collection and the White Diamonds collection, Gresso, the Russian company distinguished for its luxury high-tech articles, has introduced its limited edition Avantgarde Skeleton Collection. As the name suggests it is a “skeleton” phone, inspired by the complicated Swiss Skeleton watches. The Gresso Avantgarde Skeleton follows the same principal and allows one … Continued