Second Generation Vivienne Tam HP Laptop

This HP netbook was unveiled at the Tam’s Spring 2010 fashion show during New York’s Fashion Week at Bryant Park last September 12. Inspired by the Chinese love story, “Butterfly Lovers”, the new Vivienne Tam netbook is covered with butterfly designs on a champagne-gold background. This beautiful butterfly printed netbook can fit in any handbag … Continued

Vertu Ascent Ti Mixed Metal collection

Vertu has a new line-up of luxury devices. It’s called Ascent Ti Mixed Metal collection, and is set to start selling in September. The Knurled version features knurled rose gold side panels with rose gold keys and screws whilst the back is a specialized knurled rubber back. The other version is made of brushed titanium … Continued

Gresso Grand Monaco Collection

Gresso, the Russian manufacturer of Luxury mobile phones, announced the release of a new collection dubbed Gresso Grand Monaco. The collection makes use of modern materials such as a titanium alloy for the case, with a specialized ceramic coating and carbon fiber accents. Other materials include steel and hand-polished 42 K sapphire crystal (framing the … Continued

Vertu’s Next Special Edition: Ascent Ti Neon

If the Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon fibre collection failed to meet your requirements, the latest Ascent Ti collection might impress you. Dubbed the Vertu Ascent Ti Neon, it’s apparently designed with well-to-do women in mind. It’s slightly slimmer than the regular Ascent Ti, being less bulbous at the bottom to fit more snugly in a … Continued

Sony Ericsson Dolce & Gabbana Jalou Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson is the latest company to team up with a fashion designer to launch a mobile phone, with the launch of the Sony Ericsson Dolce & Gabbana Jalou Mobile Phone. At just 73mm long – The phone which is targeted at women is shorter than a lipstick tube and designed to slip into the … Continued

Vertu unveils Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre collection

Fans of luxury mobile phones will probably be interested in Vertu’s latest collection, called Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre. This collection is a follow up of the previous Ferrari editions and Racetrack Legends series. Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre will reportedly offer a 2 inch QVGA display, 3G, 4GB of internal memory and a 3.15MP camera … Continued

Vertu Concept by Norihiko Inoue

This is Norihiko Inoue‘s interpretation (2008) of how a new vertu phone could look like! The phone consist of a hollow shelf which incorporates all keys and display.

Givori Via Veneto Luxury Phones

Luxury mobile artist Givori – known for his ugly creations including the Serendipity and Nefertiti – designs the Via Veneto collection, inspired by the shopping street in Rome. Via Veneto features full grain Italian leather hand-finished with delicate metallic foil, 18 karat Italian rose gold plating, and 0.3 karat diamonds. The Classic edition is targeted … Continued

Amosu Colour Couture

Amosu has recently launched Amosu Colour Couture. The company claims that Colour Couture is available “in any color the customer wants,” though there’s currently no way to preview colors and combinations on its website. You can also further personalize your Colour Couture device with your name, initials, logo, whatever for an additional charge.

Mobiado Grand Line – Luxury phones

Mobiado has a new luxury phone in its line, the Grand 350PRL, which is a QWERTY that is claimed to look like a dressed-up Nokia E71. This phone is the first QWERTY smart phone produced by Mobiado. Like other Mobiado phones, the Grand 350PRL also comes in a body that’s CNC machined from aircraft aluminum … Continued

Amosu launches luxurious phones cases

Maybe you already have Amosu’s Diamond Pink Blackberry Storm and you confused to choose the right case for. A luxury Blackberry with a luxury cases is perfect one. These cases are hand made and stitched using exotic materials like crocodile, python, ostrich and lizard. They come in a multiplicity of colours and finishes. Each case … Continued

Softbank unveils the 830SC Emporio Armani Model

Softbank Mobile Corp. unveiled its new summer phone lineup Tuesday, including a solar model and a handset designed by Giorgio Armani. This new handset, called the 830SC Emporio Armani Model, was specifically designed for the Japanese market. The stylishly sleek cell phone has LED light embedded in its side spelling out the brand’s name for … Continued

Mobiado Professional 105GCB Rose

Mobiado has announced its Professional 105GCB Rose, a luxurious cell phone made using techniques from Swiss watch-making. In the purest Mobiado tradition, the 105GCB Rose comes with a case built out of sapphire crystal and plated with 18K gold – rose gold, more exactly. It also has sapphire crystal keys that are hand-painted with the … Continued

Diamond-studded Tag Heuer Meridiist phone

The Meridiist, which was launched in late 2008 is now revamped in a diamond encrusted version. Tag Heuer has launched two, ultra-glamorous models adorned in pave diamonds and precious gem stones. The grandest version of the two models boasts 1232 diamonds totaling 7.4 carats, finely set in rows along the angled sides of the phone … Continued

Gresso announces Lady Gold & Ultramarine

Luxury mobile phone maker Gresso has announced two new luxury phones, the Lady Gold and Ultramarine Gold. Both phones are built into a titanium case, covered with colored ceramic, and then accented with 18k gold. Inspired by wrist watch design, Gresso has also put a sapphire crystal window into the back of the phone, so … Continued

World’s first solid platinum iPhone 3G

Stuart Hughes, founder of Goldstriker, has re-created the original iPhone in Platinum. It took four proficient craftsmen months of detailed intricate work to re-create the original body of the iphone with about 230 grams of pure platinum. For £24,495 ($38,000), the uniquely designed Platinum & Diamond iPhone 3G certainly flaunts an Apple logo that glitters … Continued

Motorola’s AURA Ad with David Beckham

Motorola Aura, the luxury phone announced back in October 2008, is available for purchase since December last year. But Motorola is probably not happy with the way sales are going. So now the company announced a new advertising campaign, called “Aura of David Beckham”. The famous footballer is pictured in a Terminator style, for the … Continued

Apple iPhone 3G Gold By Stuart Hughes

We’ve already seen iPhone 3G in sapphires and diamonds by Continental, but what we are seeing now is the most expensive luxury phone created by Stuart Hughes. Priced at £22,995 ($34,000), the iPhone 3G are crafted by 22-carat gold and diamond, while the blinged creation bears an Apple logo in sparkling 53 handpicked, high quality … Continued

Selfridges limited edition BlackBerry Bold

To commemorate the 100th birthday of the store, Selfridges has commissioned RIM to make a special limited edition Blackberry Bold. The back of the phone is coloured in Selfridges’ trademark pantone 109 yellow, or bright yellow if you’re not overly familiar with paint mixing colour charts. Each of the handsets – numbered from one to … Continued