Continental Jewelry 3G iPhone

iPhone has been a target of haute couture brands where they grab and slap it with precious stones in order to elevate its exclusivity factor. The honor of the most expensive iPhone is bagged by Amosu Ultimo Diamond but the iPhone used isn’t a 3G version. Even so, we do have a few blinged 3G [...]

Vertu Phones For Boucheron’s 150th Anniversary

As we saw a couple months ago, to celebrate Boucheron’s 150th anniversary, the jeweler is partnering with other companies to create some amazing pieces. About 2 years ago Boucheron collaborated with Vertu to make an incredibly expensive phone that dripped with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. At the time only two versions of the phone were [...]

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte luxury cell phone

Nokia just announced a new addition to the Arte series, the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte. Until now, there was the original variant in black metal and the Sapphire Arte with a gem in the D-pad and genuine leather on the front and back. The Carbon Arte, as its name implies, has panels of carbon fiber [...]

Mobiado Lucido – Limited Edition

Combining sapphire crystal, stainless steel, and aircraft aluminum the Mobiado Lucido limited edition takes inspiration from Mobiado Luminoso. It will be unlocked and will work fine with any GSM operato but also across continents as it has triband GSM and WCDMA 2100 network coverage. The Mobiado Lucido also supports MP3, MP4, eAAC+ and AAC multimedia [...]

Swarovski Phones

Kamson Diamonte (Part of the Amosu Luxury Group) is working with Crystallized Swarovski Elements to create an exclusive line of Swarovski mobile phones. The phones will be featured in selected stores across the UK as well as sold online. The company has already created Motorola K1, Nokia N95 Swarovski phones and their latest creation is [...]

Dior Homme iPhone Holder

There are lots of cases made for new iPhone 3G and one of the latest one comes from Christian Dior. Named “Dior Homme iPhone Holder”, from Dior Homme’s exclusive Black Tie collection, the case is made from calf leather and it’s all painted in black, featuring a discreet Dior logo on the inside. Unlike other [...]

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