Vertu creates special edition Boucheron 150 in solid gold

Vertu’s high-end cellphones always mix luxury components with off-the-beaten-track designs and luxuriously high price tags, but with this latest product you have to wonder if Vertu’s company dictionary even includes the word “recession”. The Boucheron 150 cellphone that you see is crafted from a single piece of solid gold and is meant to celebrate the [...]


BELLPERRE High Fashion Phones for Christmas

BELLPERRE is another luxury cell phones producer that competes with top brands like Amosu, Goldvish and Vertu, but the big difference that makes it stand out from the crowd is that it leaves its footprint on the internal handset design as well, in addition to the exterior. While other luxury cell phones brands offer customization [...]

Samsung releases Hugo Boss handset

All the fashion brands are getting into the mobile market we’ve had Giorgio Armani, Prada, to name but a few. Now Hugo Boss has decided to collaborate with Samsung to release their own branded handset. The Samsung Hugo Boss Phone is actually based on the F480 handset that features a 5MP camera, a 2.8 inch [...]

Glassy glassy phones by Mac Funamizu

Designer Mac Funamizu brings us the two “Glassy Glassy’” translucent mobile phone concepts. Both have multiple uses (one can be used as a regular stand-up desk clock!) and are extremely prone to fingerprints.

Golden Version of the Motorola Ming A1600 on Sale

Motorola has teamed up with renowned French jeweler and watch maker Cartier to roll out the Motorola MING A1600 Luxury Edition. The luxury edition handset has a gold plated body decorated with faux crocodile skin and comes bundled with a Cartier business card holder. Other than the new, shiny looks, everything else is same as [...]

Goldstriker offers precious stones iPhones

Goldstriker has introduced three new precious stone-bezeled iPhone 3Gs. Available in black and white diamonds, ruby and white diamond, or white diamonds, each is a 16GB model and fully unlocked. The three new models are available now and sell for £3,595 ($5,350), £3,095 ($4,600), and £4,095 ($6,100), respectively.

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