Continental Jewelry 3G iPhone

iPhone has been a target of haute couture brands where they grab and slap it with precious stones in order to elevate its exclusivity factor. The honor of the most expensive iPhone is bagged by Amosu Ultimo Diamond but the iPhone used isn’t a 3G version. Even so, we do have a few blinged 3G iPhones like Gold & Diamond from Goldstriker, Diamond studded Olympic iPhone and Diamond-Studded iPhone 3G by Knalihs Athem.

The latter being the most expensive jeweled 3G version till date. Today we have one more company that is aiming to revive the union of gemstones with hyped 3G iPhone. Continental Mobiles, well known for its range of luxurious cell phones, has pimped the 3G 16GB white luxury iPhone with Pigeon Blood Red rubies and white diamonds. It is exclusively and intricately handcrafted. This piece of art comes from England and retails for £3099 (about $5,550).