The story of the Koh-i-Noor diamond: New book by William Dalrymple reveals its bloody and political history

Dec 26, 2016 / Jewellery

Many precious stones have a blood-soaked history, but a new book reveals the world’s most famous diamond the Koh-i-Noor surpasses them all, with a litany of horrors that rivals “Game of Thrones”

Tiara Shaw shows us how to accessorise for every occasion

Dec 24, 2016 / Jewellery

A popular fixture in the local society scene, Tiara Shaw is much more than the charismatic other half of Shaw Organisation executive vice-president Mark Shaw. The mother of one currently splits her time working in real estate as a Savills Residential sales director, jetting around the world, attending film festivals and business trips with her […]

13 Birthstones: Benefits of precious gems and where to find them

Dec 23, 2016 / Jewellery

We bring you a rundown on the benefits of each birthstone and a selection of fine jewellery to go with it.

Chopard Happy Diamonds: Interview with Caroline Scheufele about the collection

Dec 21, 2016 / Jewellery

As the iconic Chopard Happy Diamonds collection turns 40, we speak to Caroline Scheufele about the reasons behind its enduring success and popularity

Gemstone Guide: Gems to invest in and what to buy

Dec 20, 2016 / Jewellery

If you’re ever confused about the provenance of time-honoured favourites and newly popular gems, this general guide can help.

Iroshini Chua: Romancing The Stones

Dec 07, 2016 / Jewellery

Selecting your own gems for a customised creation turns it from a bejewelled adornment into a family treasure