To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Parisian jeweler Boucheron, they have teamed up with Parisian Chocolatier La Maison du Chocolat to recreate the unique style of a Boucheron snake necklace – but in chocolate!

So is it something to wear or something to eat ? The chocolate version is truly a work of art though and it’s not all chocolate: the gold snake skeleton necklace is coated and decorated with chocolate which covers the chocolate gold skeleton, carrying a 20.08 carat fancy brown tinted yellow diamond!

T he necklace is on a tour around the globe which includes locations such as Japan, Russia, India, America … It’s for sale at $1,200,000!

According to Lussorian, “there has been some interest in the piece, but it recently endured a slight problem in Japan when all the flashes from the Japanese paparazzi started melting the snake!”