Methven’s Satinjet Tahi Luxury Shower System

If you are looking for a luxury shower system that not only saves energy and water but also promises to give you the ultimate showering experience, then take a look at the Methven’s Satinjet Tahi Shower System. The ergonomically designed shower system emits a waterfall of 3000 droplets per second and consumes only nine liters … Continued

Swarovski crystal fireplace by Justen Ladda

So, how would you like your fireplace to be – retro styled, contemporary or Swarovski studded? Yes, you read it right. I am talking about the Swarovski crystal studded fireplace designed by Justen Ladda. The one pictured above was custom designed for a fireplace in a late 19th century building. Since fireplaces vary greatly in … Continued

Luxury Bathroom Faucet by Aquaplus

Aquaplus Solutions has launched Aqua Jewels, a luxury bathroom faucet range designed for Bonomi by Marcel Wanders. Internationally renowned for his collaborations with Droog Design, B&B Italia and Bisazza, multi-award winning Wanders has turned his attention to brassware design including bathroom faucets. The new Aqua Jewels luxury faucet range is characterized by the use of … Continued

Whirlpool shows green kitchen concept

Whirlpool has shown of its futuristic “green kitchen” concept in which 60% of the water and heat generated from appliances is “diverted” to fuel other appliances or functions in the eco-kitchen. Through this integrated use of appliances, with the concept taking its model from the cycle of nature, it optimises the use of heat and … Continued

$100,000 Silver TAG Shower

If money is no object for you then this $100,000 Silver TAG shower is meant for rich souls like you who can go to any extent for an invigorating shower experience. The opulent showerhead comes with 18 high-tech showerheads for complete nirvana. The computer controlled showerheads are custom designed to quickly and accurately change the … Continued

Decorative Tiles from Salvini

The ‘Rock Star’ tiles pictured are fashioned from split face marble in white, red or yellow, together with fabulous jewel leaf inserts. The glittering inserts create an effect ideal for specialised illumination with lighting systems to catch the sparkle of the inserts – as well as the shadows in the rough marble tiles. Whether you … Continued

Gargantua set of table and bench for alfresco dining

The Gargantua set of table and bench is just right for it. Designed by Dirk Wynants, the functionality that characterizes the Gargantua can be found in the adjustable benches that can be changed in height depending on social or family circumstance. Ideally it can sit 8 folks, but if you have more people joining in … Continued

Double Lounger Umbrella for Your Backyard

The Gondola “Amore” Double Lounger combines two loungers facing each other and it also holds a 9 foot umbrella to protect you from the sun. The loungers come with easy back adjusters for lying flat or sitting up. The loungers are fitted with Sunbrella fabric seat and the cushions have “green eco log” inner fiber … Continued

Pimped out Powder Room – RotoRooter

RotoRooter is giving away the ultimate ladies bathroom, tricked out with gaming gadgets, tech goodies and all sorts of pinkness. The pink bathroom boasts a Nintendo Wii, a pink Sony Vaio laptop, a flat screen TV that functions as both a monitor and a heated towel rack, an iPod, a pink fridge, a salon-style hairdryer, … Continued

Italian Luxury Furniture – designer furniture by Roberto Ventura

Uncompromised Italian Luxury Furniture – Roberto Ventura presents designer furniture conveying a spirit of stately exoticism. An exciting mix of new designs with classical echoes, this luxury furniture offers comfortable opulence. Unquestionably a focal point for any reception or living room, the intricate, swirling design detailing shown here is characteristic of designer Giannella’s original vision. … Continued

Custom Installed Residential Bowling Alleys

United Bowling, a Florida based company will install a 2 lane, full regulation length bowling alley in your home complete with genuine AMF and Brunswick equipment like pin stackers and ball returns. You’ll need a minimal area that’s 88 feet long, 12 feet wide with a 10 foot ceiling. Cost : $88,000 Source : ohgizmo

Dream Luxury Bathroom Vanity from Cima

Create a luxury bathroom but don’t want to lose the traditional touch ? This dream bathroom vanity from Cima can help make your ‘dream’ come true. The combination of 24k gold trim and Mediterranean style give your classic bathroom a different touch, whether you choose a white or a black ceramic pottery finish, or a … Continued

Terrariums by Paula Hayes

A new generation of designers is re-discovering the mini-garden and the aficionados are watching it wholeheartedly. Terrariums are back now. Artist Paula Hayes, a New York sculptor, painter and landscape designer is eying new possibilities in creative horticulture and home decor with her spectacular Teardrop Terrarium. She has given wind to the concept of plants … Continued

The perfect luxury bathroom for men

Hoesch has designed what just might be called the perfect luxury bathroom for men. Start with clean lines and the simplest of color schemes and combine it with cutting edge technology and you’ve pretty much made any guy (and many women for that matter) happy. It has a Mirror TV Cabinet, a Duo bathtub roomy … Continued