Mario Bongio’s Soffi Gold Fever Edition Faucets

Bongio has brought an intriguing and fresh twist to their gorgeous Murano Glass faucet collection with the new Soffi Gold Fever Edition. A dash of subtle color and a glimmer of gold make the unusual Murano glass faucets even more covetable. Source: Trendir.

The NV Bed by Karim Rashid

Acclaimed designer, Karim Rashid, teams with Hollandia International to create the NV adjustable sleep system. Offering a perfect blend of form and functionality, the NV adjustable sleep system enjoys a high gloss finish, drawers for storage under the bed and in the headboard, an iPod docking station and cabinet doors in the headboard that swing … Continued

Moss carpet by Nguyen La Chanh

This bathroom carpet is made of imputrescible foam called plastazote. Each cell welcomes a piece of moss (ball moss, Island moss, forest moss). The humidity of the bathroom ensures that the mosses thrive. And that’s why you need to place it there and not anywhere else. This vegetable carpet procures a great feeling to your … Continued

Confluences By Philippe Nigro

Furniture manufacturers Ligne Roset presented a collection of seating by designer Philippe Negro at IMM Cologne this week. The range consists of brightly-coloured, upholstered lounge chairs that fit together, appearing to cuddle up to each other. Photos: comtemporist

Hermes Crocodile Pippa Chair

Hermes is one of the few international luxury labels to have furniture. In 1987, it introduced the Pippa chair in pear wood. The chair was created by the architect and designer Rena Dumas, the wife of the Hermes chairman Jean-Louis Dumas. The Pippa collection has since evolved into a line of foldable indoor and outdoor … Continued

Contemporary Radiator Design by Karim Rashid

Designed by Karim Rashid, the Kwart Radiator from Hellos says “goodbye” to boring and bi-dimensional, and “hello” cool, contemporary and customizable home comfort. It has this really interesting modern optical effect, which lets you draw waves on your wall. The designer radiator is made of aluminum and measures 200x200x550mm. For more information on Rashid ’s … Continued

Metropolitan Kitchen from Strato

Designed by Marco Gorini and architect Simone Micheli – Flex 1 is a modern italian kitchen design from Strato. Destined to be the new metropolitan icon, this minimalist kitchen style comes from the sleek stainless steel frame, made from a single piece and boasting a satin finish, complemented by cabinets, doors and drawers and appliance … Continued

Japanese Kitchens From Toyo

Toyo Kitchens have some of the most decadent and stylish kitchen designs anywhere in the world. They are a Japanese company which have proved to be very popular amongst discerning design enthusiasts from Tokyo to London for many years now. And now here is a look at one of their best kitchen designs. Known as … Continued

Outdoor Recessed Bathtub from Teuco

Teuco’s latest bath innovation brings the experience outdoors with the new Teuco Hydrospa Seaside 640 outdoor recessed bathtub. The minimal, recessed design blends into any surroundings. The bath incorporates a lower-body massage via 16 integrated jets, while relaxing in a comfortable seated position. Ambient lighting surrounds the tub perimeter, while two underwater lights and a … Continued

Luxurious Bathtub with Swarovski Crystals

One can bathe in luxury in this glamorous Diamond made with Strass Swarovski, a double tub with inlaid crystals. This gorgeous tub is the result of a collaboration between Swarovski and designer baths Aqua Mass. The gorgeous baroque bathtub is painted white or black and will set you back nearly $20,000.

Fendi Casa

While some people may obsess over the idea that every piece of clothing or accessory they own needs to come from a designer line, why not take that same idea and apply it to our home? The Fendi Casa Home Collection is designed to « dress up » rooms in a way which is very … Continued

X-Sense Swarovski Crystal Bathroom Faucets

Swarovski diamonds have taken every industry over. It seems that there is no product today that can escape the dazzling charm of a Swarovski diamond and being adorned by one. An excess or refined luxury? These X-Sense limited edition faucets from Newform have been produced with Swarovski crystals embedded. The sparkle of the precious stones … Continued

Flower Power Glass Tiles From SICIS

SICIS has released a brilliant “Flower Power” glass tiles collection that are certainly worth a look for an upcoming redesign that classy bathroom of yours. A whole wall can become a work of art, with a floor to ceiling pattern of flowers. Or, you can use the tiles to highlight certain areas such as the … Continued

Bourgie Table Lamp by Kartell

The revisiting of a classic: the baroque table lamp. The revolutionary feature of this lamp is that it is made entirely of transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate. On the one hand, it is classical, rich and traditional, and on the other, it is innovative, transparent and ironic. The baroque style base is composed of three decorated … Continued

Palace Stone Collection by Versace

Versace has just released a collection of tiles called Stone Palace in collaboration with the ceramic tile industry mogul Gardenia-Orchidea. It is a eclectic collection that combines beauty with some technological features that were used to create the details in the porcelain stone. The Palace Stone collection comes in two different surface finishes and can … Continued

The house with 10000 fairy lights

Leaving the lights off this year would have been the sensible option. But as you can see, Alex Goodhind refuses to let these dark times ruin the warm glow of Christmas. So for the 14th year in a row, the 24-year-old IT firm manager has spent weeks turning his father’s home in Melksham, Wiltshire, into … Continued

Marble Bathroom Suite

Marble always evokes a sense of quality and luxury… and the new marble bathroom suite by IQquadro is no exception. In stunning black marble known as Black Chelsea, the Amor and Memories ranges have strong visual impact. The Amor bath is shown here – a serene, linear form with a rectangular shape and well-defined corners. … Continued

Luxury Faucets with Crystal Glass Handles from Joerger

The perfect complement: sparkling water and crystal. The two elements meet in these gorgeous washbasin 3-hole mixer faucets with Crystal Glass handles from Joerger. Shown here are two styles of handles; an angular, geometric shape known as the Empire Royal and a round shape with many facets called Florale. They are sure to make a … Continued

Luxury Bath Fixtures from Hidra

These gorgeous bath fixtures from Hidra are now available in the luxury finishes of black and gold! A classic combination for those who love opulence, these finishes bring out the best of two of Hidra’s great bath ranges. Hi-Line, an attractive bathroom design with a sleek modern look benefits from the high-shine golden glaze and … Continued

"Manufacture de Luxe" New Website

When purchasing luxury furniture, you have to think if it’s just for right now or if you’ll want to hand it down through the generations. Though, If you want only the best new luxury furniture for your home, “Manufacture de Luxe“ may have just what you’re looking for and they’ve just come up with a … Continued