Methven’s Satinjet Tahi Luxury Shower System

If you are looking for a luxury shower system that not only saves energy and water but also promises to give you the ultimate showering experience, then take a look at the Methven’s Satinjet Tahi Shower System.

The ergonomically designed shower system emits a waterfall of 3000 droplets per second and consumes only nine liters per minute while the hand shower with twin jet performance consumes only 7.5 liters per minute.

Obviously, you save on the energy used to heat the water when the consumption is less.

The intrinsic versatility of the ‘Tahi’ construct, enables the user to totally personalize their shower combination and experience by adding components such as textured footrest and shelving units, hand shower with massage spray option to give you the ultimate showering experience.

Via bornrich