50 million years of history in your home with Antolini

Antolini, Italian company leader in natural stone and famous worldwide for the high standard of the stone craftworks, has presented at Sega di Cavaion, its headquarters, a new exclusive material as a key piece to accentuate a unique home.

Fabulous and original, Antolini have created a stone panel that is as innovative as it is amazing: Fossil Pisces Panels mean 50 million years of history in your home.

The luxury panel in fact contained fossils of inestimable value, represented Knightia Eocaena, ancient fishes which are now extinct.

These historical jewels, extracted from Lagerstätten, geological fossil deposits that are rich with varied and well-preserved fossils, in Green River Formation of Wyoming (USA), are perfectly conserved and absolutely amazing in every little detail.

Fossil Pisces Panels are preserved in the Antolini Onyx Pavilion of Verona, a place with beautiful stones from all over the world where Nature, history and design live together.

Perfect for classic rooms as well as decorative interiors, Fossil Pisces Panel by Antolini are available in limited edition. A stunning piece of art.