Shangri-La joins fight against shark fin soup

shark fin soup

Luxury hotel chain Shangri-La will stop serving shark fin at its 72 properties, as the campaign to protect the marine predators gains ground among Chinese consumers.

The Hong Kong-based group said it would cease serving shark fin in all of its restaurants as well as accepting new orders for shark fin products in banqueting with immediate effect, under a “sustainable seafood policy”.

Shark fin soup is viewed by many Asians as a rare delicacy and is traditionally served at wedding parties and business banquets in Hong Kong.

Shangri-La said it would also phase out Bluefin tuna and Chilean sea bass, which are under the threat of extinction, at all restaurants within the year.

“The new policy is a continuation of Shangri-La’s journey towards environmental support,” the hotel chain said in a statement late Tuesday.

“Shangri-La will continue to review and refine its overall programmes including environmental and sustainability issues.”

The announcement came two months after Hong Kong-based Peninsula Hotels group said it would stop selling shark fin from this year.

Peninsula said the decision was made in view of the threat facing the global shark population, which scientists believe is essential to the overall health of the seas.

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