Faena Hotel + Universe designed by Philippe Starck

Designed by Philippe Starck, the Faena Hotel + Universe offers over-the-top elegance in Puerto Madero (a district of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires), a planned waterfront district. The spacious hotel, which occupies an old grain silo, has everything from a cabaret stage to a hammam, with 110 rooms starting at $425.

The hotel also has a residential section, with properties for sale. These vary in size and price, and 20 of them are available for rent on a nonscheduled basis. Several dining, bar, and entertainment areas are in the lobby and elsewhere. The “Universe” in the hotel’s name refers to these shared elements, open to guests, residents, and the general public, with a philosophy of mingling and sharing ideas and experiences.

The most formal restaurant (above) is all white on white, with unicorn heads mounted on the wall.

I wish I could go there to experience the experience :)