Chinese guests prefer Hyatt and Marriott hotels

JW Marriott Cannes guestroom

Wealthy Chinese travelers prefer to stay at the Hyatt and Marriott chains of hotels, according to New York-based wealth research firm Luxury Institute.

Their study showed that over the past year, 36 percent of Chinese travelers with 1 million yuan ($157,000) frequented JW Marriott most while 34 percent stayed at the Grand Hyatt, based on a survey of 26 luxury hotel brands. These two hotel chains were also the preferred brands for Chinese travelers planning their next hotel visit.

The report also carried out a study with Japanese travelers earning at least 15 million yen ($190,000) per annum, who picked Ritz-Carlton as their preferred hotel out of 20 luxury hotel brands for its prestige and popularity.

The Ritz brand was the second most favored, followed by Peninsula Hotels. Ritz-Carlton was also the most popular choice for the next hotel visit by the Japanese rich.

“Luxury hotels don’t achieve consistently superior ratings by accident,” said Luxury Institute CEO Milton Pedraza. “Standards, systems and training underpin excellence in any service business, especially luxury.”

China and Japan are currently the world’s two largest consumers of luxury goods and services. China is expected to account for 20% of global luxury sales in 2015.