Hilton Opens China’s First Luxury Airport Hotel

Hilton Hotels has opened the first five-star airport hotel in China, at Beijing International Airport.

The luxury hotel, which is close to the airport’s newest terminal three building, will cater to the rapidly increasing number of wealthy travelers in China.

It contains 322 rooms and seven restaurants and bars, along with two full-size ballrooms and a 25-meter indoor swimming pool.

The hotel is home to the longest bar in Beijing, stretching for 50 meters in an L-shape, alongside several other Chinese restaurants and a cigar lounge.

Beijing is now second only to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport in the US in terms of air traffic, having overtaken London’s Heathrow in July.

Its business has been boosted by a sharp growth in traffic to Asia, which grew by nine percent in July, and within the region, a trend which OAG’s Peter von Moltke said “can be expected to continue.”

However, the new hotel will face competition from the luxury hotels that surround other Asian hubs such as Seoul’s Incheon and Hong Kong International Airport.