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hotel majestic barriere cannes

Cannes’s hotels are gearing up for their busiest period of the year, when international movie stars, directors and producers will flock to the French Riviera for the city’s film festival (May 16-27).

The Croisette’s most prestigious hotels have already stocked up on all sorts of delicacies, and LUXUO got hold of some interesting figures that paint a pretty good picture of what the film industry’s brightest stars will be indulging in.

Majestic Barrières

Majestic Barriere Cannes

20,000 macarons and 250 kilos of chocolate will be prepared during the festival.
2 tons of lobster, half of ton of meat and 20 tons of vegetables will be used in the hotel’s kitchen.
15,000 bottles of champagne and 8,500 bottles of grand cru wines will be brought out of the cellar.
16,000 bars of soap and 1,000 liters of foam bath will be provided to the clients in their rooms.
700 massages have been booked at the U Spa (and as many makeup applications).
25,000 people (a mix of movie stars, clients, journalists) will rub shoulders at the hotel during the festival.
8,000 overnight stays have been booked several months in advance.
The hotel expects 10,000 incoming phone calls and 3000 incoming faxes per day during the festival.

Hôtel Martinez

Hotel Martinez-Cannes

60 tons of bed sheets, towels and bathrobes will be washed during the festival.
More than 500 evening dresses will be brought to clients’ rooms, and more than 300 will be ironed.
More than 250 kilos of foie gras, 100 kilos of caviar, 500 langoustes, and more than 2 tons of lobster will be eaten by the guests.
More than 20,000 meals will be served during the festival.
More than 6,000 breakfasts will be served during the festival.
More than a hundred security guards will be on duty.
More than 5,000 bottles of champagne will be downed.
More than 3,000 cigars will be smoked
More than 600 flower arrangements will be placed.
More than 300 tons of luggage, bags and parcels will be carried by the staff during the festival.

The Carlton


Carlton Cannes

600 kilos of fish will be prepared and served during the festival.
800 kilos of lobster and langoustes will be served.
25 kilos of caviar will be provided to the guests.
6,000 French breakfast pastries (such as croissants and pains au chocolat) will be served every day.
150 flower bunches will be arranged every day.
2,500 bath towels will be changed each day.
10,000 bottles of champagne will be downed.
25,000 bars of soap will be handed out over the course of the festival.