Barbara Rihl handbag for Pierre Herme

Barbara Rihl handbag Pierre Herme

Barbara Rihl has collaborated with Pierre Herme to produce a collection of luxury leather handbags.

A couple at home and at work, these two creative geniuses decided to blend their spheres of creativity and co-produce the collection.

This strikingly attractive cowhide tote bag is offered in a wide palette including the colours of Pierre Herme’s signature creations, such as Isaphan pink and red, Carrement Chocolat cocoa and taupe, or Ella red and honey.

The open-work motif also recalls the subtle foliage signature of the pastry chef.

Starting September 14, these handbags, in the Limited Edition Adam & Eve Collection, will be available for purchase at and brand boutiques in Paris, London and Tokyo. The bags will come in ten colours.

Pierre Herme and Barbara Rihl