Air Canada, Virgin America tops for in-flight nutrition

inflight menu

Air Canada and Virgin America have topped other North American airlines in a health ranking of on-board food.

According to DietDetective, which runs an annual survey examining the nutritional values of the food served to economy class passengers flying domestic, five-star-rated Air Canada “cares about its passengers’ health, that’s for sure.”

Virgin America was described as the best-improved airline, also being awarded five stars, with DietDetective’s Dr Charles Stuart Platkin saying that the calories and nutrient density of its on-board snacks had improved since last year.

United Airlines was in third place, slipping in score because of its merger with Continental, which has left it with “only a few decent healthy choices.”

Rounding off the list were US Airways, JetBlue Airways, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines.

For some airlines, the blog suggested that it may just be easier to bring personal food, recommending easy-to-transport foods such as fruits, energy bars, sandwiches or nuts that can be taken through security checkpoints.

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