Zontik Games creates ultra luxurious Monopoly set

Clients for high-end luxury games commonly want something tweaked or personalized or customized and the company that caters to their needs is Zontik Games.

They transform classic games and equips them with precision dice, hand stitched leather cases, and solid gold game pieces.

Zontik has recently taken the vintage board game Monopoly and transformed it into an ultra-luxurious game. « This isn’t your everyday McDonald’s Online Monopoly game. »

Rather, the new Monopoly board set features 70 gold and silver inlays, precision dice and leather-bound “Bank” boxes.

The entire board also is set on top of a beautiful hand bound scalloped sided plinth in Dauphin calf. The entire design is exquisite.

The swanky ultra-lux Monopoly set by Zontik will set you back anywhere between $4,290 – $7,570 depending upon which options you select.

However, if you’re looking to go a step further, Zontik has just introduced it’s Custom Deluxe component, which allows customers to go as extravagant as they can imagine.

We’re basically asking our customers to challenge us. If they want some rare wood, or gold, or an eccentric material, we’ll find it and make it happen.”

“That’s the fun for us, and that’s where we really shine.” says Roman Abramovsky, president of Zontik Games.

Source : ZontikGames / Coated / Joshspear.