Monopoly : Own it all

The Monopoly board game, published by Parker Brothers, has a colourful print advertising campaign developed in Germany, using the tag line, “Own it all”. Four photographs of actual properties, washed in green and red, show 124 Mediterranean Avenue and 74 Baltic Avenue (the two cheapest properties on the board), 807 Boardwalk and 153 Pennsylvania Avenue [...]


Steve Vigar Designs Chess Set

Steve Vigar has designed a unique chess set. The topic of this handmade chess set is connected with the designer’s life-long love of architecture and fascination with classic building design. Three cities are beautifully represented: San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. The pieces feature skylines and residential architectural styles crafted from exotic woods which are [...]


Flower’ blossoms on Sony’s PlayStation 3

With the game Flower, Jenova Chen and the developers at thatgamecompany wanted to create a dreamland that players could escape to. The result is a colorful, efflorescent downloadable game for Sony’s PlayStation 3 that plants players in the role of the wind, transforming bleak landscapes into verdant ones. [vimeo 3244985 468 260]


Zontik Games creates ultra luxurious Monopoly set

Clients for high-end luxury games commonly want something tweaked or personalized or customized and the company that caters to their needs is Zontik Games. They transform classic games and equips them with precision dice, hand stitched leather cases, and solid gold game pieces. Zontik has recently taken the vintage board game Monopoly and transformed it [...]


Macassar ebony poker box

This refined, limited-edition Macassar ebony poker box, lined in orange velvet calfskin, contains chips crafted of yellow European boxwood, walnut, brown palissandre, and black and Macassar ebony. Available at for $5,210


Louis Vuitton mahjong case

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