Barbie by Christian Louboutin

Barbie continues to take the fashion world by storm and thanks to haute accessories designer Christian Louboutin, she’s just received a second head-to-toe Parisian makeover. Dressed in a khaki, safari- inspired dress and over the knee, hot pink fringed boots, Barbie is ready to Spring into style this season. Barbie revealed her first outfit in [...]


The $50,000 Dunhill Shagreen Games Chest

Luxury Brand Dunhill has come out with an exquisite gentleman’s games set finished in exotic shagreen for $50,000. It is formed using cedar wood and then covered in the very finest grey shagreen leather and elegantly trimmed with ebony and stainless steel hardware. The Compendium contains shagreen-embellished chess, backgammon and noughts & crosses boards with [...]


Gelman’s masterpiece Chess sets

Media artist, Alexander Gelman, in collaboration with traditional Japanese artisans has designed an exquisite limited edition series of master chess sets. The sleek and stunning sets are made of lacquer, silver plating and gold leaf — there are only 5 in the world, each is unique and priced up to $55,000. Gelman and the artisans [...]


Levi’s Brand Buries $100,000 Somewhere in America

Levi’s “Go Forth” campaign is sending denim lovers and treasure seekers alike on a nationwide scavenger hunt with a grand prize of $100,000. The game’s narrative revolves around a character named Grayson Ozias IV who has left wax cylinder voice recordings hidden across America. The challenge for players is to find these recordings and, ultimately, [...]


Google teams up with Hasbro for online Monopoly

Launched last week, Monopoly City Streets uses the Google Maps platform to let users “buy” any street in the world. The goal of the game of chance, like the real-world version, is to earn money on real estate and become the richest property magnate. New players are given three million Monopoly dollars to build their [...]


Keith Haring Domino Set by Vilac

To spice up our favourite game of Domino, Vilac have released a Keith Haring version of the normally seen black and white game. With renowned artist Keith Haring’s personal drawings and writing, the box set of Dominos in now available from Paul Smith. Each set has 28 pieces and is presented in a wooden box. [...]

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