The Skiff Reader

The Skiff Reader has overtaken the Amazon Kindle DX as the largest e-reader on the market, but its size isn’t what makes the Skiff so special.

The Skiff Reader brings two new technologies to the large-scale e-reader market: a touchscreen e-ink display and “silicon thin-film-transistors on a flexible steel substrate”.

The Skiff Reader plans to come out swinging with a large 11.5-inch size and a high 1200 x 1600 pixel screen resolution.

The large high-resolution touchscreen should do much better justice to magazine and newspaper layouts than we’ve yet seen from an e-ink-based reader.

Too bad we don’t know yet what content will be featured.

“Having 3G wireless is a major feature, so it’s probably safe to assume that Skiff has worked out some sort of distribution deal. But with who?”

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