Singulum luxurious wooden notebooks

If you’re in the market for a different kind of laptop system – check out the Singulum laptop system.

Each Singulum system is crafted out of a single block of wood and features a keyboard made out of either ivory of 24 carat solid gold (be careful if you select the ivory as many countries including the US have a strict ban on ivory imports).

Now some of their product pictures on their website seem to infer that there’s a single piece of diamond used like a trackpoint pointer..

In addition, Singulum is built from one block of wood, and every piece is processed with a special production tool !

Epitomizing excessive indulgence, the Singulum notebook features a Core 2 duo processor, Gigabit Ethernet, Windows Vista, a dual-layer DVD-RW drive and 15.4-inch screen display.

The Singulum is expected to compete with other luxury laptop manufacturers such as Ego which is known for its notebooks gilded with diamonds and Lugvaglio known for its lugubrious high price for its laptops.

The price is one of those “if you have to ask deals” :)