Philips’ Aurea Of Light

Philips’ luxury end of LED backlit LCD television sets the company calls Aurea, expands on its Ambilight technology.

While Ambilight is not something of a novelty, the new 42-inch Full HD TV sets not only have light emanating from the back onto the walls of your room, but the light also spills over onto the TV’s white casing.
The overall effect is a kaleidoscopic halo around your TV sets, which the company says, offers a more immersive cinematic viewing experience, and Philips even has many research papers from universities in Eindhoven, Munich and New York to back up their claims.
And while the TV is off or on standby mode, you can select from a few color palettes to create a loungy ambience in your living space. Otherwise, its specifications are comparable with models of other notable makers of LCD TVs. Price : US$5,760.