TOP 10 – Futuristic Concept Laptop Designs

Compiled below is an edited list – originally made by Listphobia – of the most futuristic concept laptop designs, some of which have won achievement awards while the rest are just too cool to know about. 1. Canova Dual Screen Laptop Canova Dual Screen Laptop possesses two screens, a multi sensitive touch screen and is [...]

$110,000 Solid Aluminum Speakers

KEF, renowned British manufacturer of audiophile-quality speakers, has unveiled MUON, a distinctively new loudspeaker that features audio innovation and a cutting-edge, ultra-modern design. The central aim of the MUON project was to create the ultimate in sound technology and design innovation. The MUON loudspeaker is made from super-formed aluminum, which uses a similar molding process [...]

iBangle Fantastic future iPod

According to Yanko Design, Apple may soon add an iBangle to its army of i-ness The aluminum bangle will feature a trackpad so your finger can slide and tap its way through your music. There’s no screen, but designer Gopinath Prasana figures you can navigate just fine with an audio-oriented navigation system. As for the [...]

HP Vivienne Tam Laptop Special Edition

HP Vivienne Tam Laptop Special Edition

Fashion designer vivenne tam was invited by hewlett packard to create a special edition notebook.

Cafero, a coffee serving robot

Korean company Yujin Robot has been showing off a coffee barista robot that delivers your coffee with precision and with complete politeness. For those who believe that technology and robotics will make their life a lot easier than at any time in the past, this is probably something that would not really surprise you. Although [...]

Orbino super luxury leather iPod cases

Only a few months ago Orbino, makers of Italian premium technology cases, came out with its “Aria” series of bags for Apple’s runway-model-thin laptop, and now it’s introducing new iPod cases. Orbino announced on Tuesday that it has launched the Strada Tre Case, Pantera Flap Case, and the Tasca Pocket Case for the iPhone 3G. [...]

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