Vacuum cleaner encrusted with Swarovski crystals

Electrolux has collaborated with the designer Lukasz Mistletoe to create a limited edition Black & White ErgoRapido vacuum clear all decked with Swarovski crystals. “Its main feature is the ability to instantly Hoover up any of the 3,730 pieces of Swarovski crushed glass that will fall off the side when the glue starts to degrade.”


LG video phone watch

“You know that you’ve always wanted one. A watch to do all things, from being your telephone to being your own TV. Well LG has decided to make this myth a reality. It’s been tried before, but for once, this actually looks like something you could wear.” The watch has a touchscreen for use with [...]


Ski Home Simulator

Called the Ski Home Simulator, this recreational option has been tailored only for those with impressive bank accounts, who can also afford to take out quality leisure time. Meant only for the PC, you just have to plug it to your computer machine to enjoy 32 different courses taken from 18 real life venues that [...]


Swarovski Mouse

This gorgeous « Swarovski Mouse » which is a wireless device for your computer was designed by Jeremy Doherty, Simon Doherty and Dareen Doherty from New Zealand for the Crystal Vision design competition organized by Designboom and Swarovski. The design of the mouse is a play on the form of the Swarovski logo. With this [...]


G-Dog can be your best friend

G-Dog by G-Robot is a high performance four-leg robot that comes with a processing unit and motion editor. Coming in kit form the G-Dog, once assembled, measures in at 190mm in height and is supplied with a cable allowing you to connect the G-Dog up to your PC allowing you to use the bundled « [...]



Bagtv is range of handbags featuring an integrated 7″ DVD/MP3 player and digital photo viewer. Available in range of colours and finishes, Bagtv ensures you’re never without stylish accompaniment and entertainment anywhere you go. It has 2.5 hours of battery life and you can connect it to a PC for uploading your pics and videos [...]

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